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People-oriented, people is the primary factor in the complete each work, much work should be the ultimate grabbed, humanistic combination is the foundation of the enterprise

Candidate standard: good for heavy, having both ability and political integrity

Staff assessment standard: "Germany, can, performance" priority - performance, both attitude and ability.

Staff literacy basic requirements: honest, studious and ambitious

Employees pursue: a strong body and mind, hone will, to inspire potential, to establish the correct values, to create brilliant career and health a splendid life

Company management concept: with the right people, to the appropriate location, at the right time, with the proper method, do the appropriate, to get things done - for employees and enterprises set up the mechanism of automatic success

Open: transparent equal way of choose and employ persons, to recruit personnel recruitment conditions of equality, content, methods, transparent.

Fair: meritocracies standard of choose and employ persons, the appointment of personnel in accordance with the ones, the standard of meritocracy.

Justice: the orderly operation of personnel mechanism, assessment, rewards and punishment, according to the unified standard and specification.

Merit: the evolution law of choose and employ persons, make the staffs ability quality and job specification requirements to achieve the optimal configuration.

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