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How to build a green pig model
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With the continuous improvement of human living standards and the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the food security demand is higher and higher. Environmental protection pig model can provide safe meat, meat is good for human health.

A, healthy varieties

Variety is the first factor of influence environmental protection pig model, there is an urgent need to cultivate the high disease resistance, strong production capacity, high lean meat fine varieties, special varieties. Therefore, we need to excellent breeding improved varieties, pig should pay attention to when introducing breeding pigs:

1. Breeding pigs should be introduced from breeding pig farm with swine production license health.

2. The introduction of breeding pigs, according to the requirements GB16567 quarantine disinfection and processing. After identified as qualified health (e.g., free of the disease, blister disease, swine fever, swine erysipelas, deadly infectious diseases such as brucellosis), can introduce.

3. The introduction of breeding pigs must isolate 3 0 to 4 5 d, can enter pig production.

4. The choice of breeding pigs to qualify for this varietal character.

Second, the reasonable planning

Site selection should follow three principles:

1. Because of the topography and orientation is different, different heat from the suns radiation, and therefore have different microclimate, directly affect the temperature humidity of pig farms. Therefore require area is high and dry, flat, xiangyang leeward, prevent waterlogging, such as slope, slope is less than 2% 5% advisable.

2. Select the underground water level low silty loam as well. Because silty loam drainage is strong, good air permeability, capillary effect, moisture absorption and thermal conductivity small, uniform texture compression. And contains gravel sand, drainage is good, but the summer sunshine more than the amount of reflected heat, will give up your bad is too large; Clay is impeded drainage, water easily, make the muddy ground, the playground is not easy to remove manure, such as fermentation decomposition can produce harmful gases.

3. The traffic is convenient, in order to feed and fertilizer and pig, general requirements pig more than 200 m away from the traffic trunk, more than 100 m from the general highway.

Establish an environmental sanitation should follow five principles:

1. The pig should be far away from the rivers and underground water sources, give full consideration to the pig and benign circulation utilization of waste emissions.

2. Should strengthen the environmental protection of pig, the pig waste should be safely disposed of, and should meet the national standards.

3. The pig should be green, can cooling purposes can improve microclimate in jobsite.

4. Pig dont pollution environment, the environment pollution pig farms, at the same time around the farm environment of water, soil and air pollution protection and treatment to do.

5. Piggery should maintain proper temperature, humidity, light, fresh air to circulate and air velocity.

Third, the reasonable configuration, modulation of feed

Pig feces in the main ingredients are nitrogen compounds, calcium, phosphorus, crude fiber, trace elements and some other drugs, along with the variety, content of components on the content varies, feeding way, etc. Including the pollution of air, water, soil, etc. Such as loss of nitrogen penetration, bad smell, nitrate production make the air and the decline in the quality of the drinking water; Nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter, water leakage of the consumption of oxygen and water acidification is harmful to plants and soil; Ammonia emissions make environment acidification caused harmful to plants and soil; Pathogens, bacteria pollution affects human health; Phosphorus, copper, zinc and other trace elements in soil zhongfu, drugs, affect human body health; Pig after fermentation will produce large amounts of NH3, H 2 s, skatole, CH4 and CO, and other harmful gases, these gases not only causes the pig itself stress, reduce the production performance, and emissions into the atmosphere will increase air pollution and affect human health, at the same time a large number of swine waste generation and accumulation is a breeding ground for the flies, the main source for the spread of bacteria to breed and spread diseases. Therefore in the compound feed, first of all must be accurate determination of the pig nutrition demand and feed the nutritional value of raw material, accurate formulate the feed, accord with different stages of production and the purpose of nutrients in order to reduce emissions, reduce the damage to the environment, second, elimination of antinutritional factors in feed anti nutritional effects. Such as beans and cake contains antitrypsin factor will decrease of nutrients in feed utilization rate, increase the excretion, after appropriate processing, such as swelling, granulating, can reduce the content of antinutritional factors in the diet, improve nutrient of the feed utilization rate, reduce the excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus. In addition, the application in the feed preparation of some bioactive substances and the synthesis of amino acids, such as: low poly widowed sugar, small peptide, etc. Promote digestion and absorption of nutrients, reduce the excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Using four, green feed antibiotics

Due to the blind use of antibiotics, causing disease and even complications, and treatment effect is gradually decline, increased with the dose, pollute the environment. There are several kinds of antibiotic alternatives to this.

1. Organic acids

Because the beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus animal gastrointestinal tract in appropriate breeding in acid environment, and the growth of the pathogen most suitable p H is neutral or alkaline, acidulant can by reducing gastrointestinal p H value, thus inhibiting harmful microbial breeding, promote proliferation of beneficial bacteria. Study, lactic acid, citric acid or glacial acetic acid and other organic acids can promote digestion and absorption of nutrients, reduce the effect of nitrogen and phosphorus excretion. At home and abroad application of organic acid with citric acid, fumaric acid effect is best, in weaned piglets diet adding amount is 1.5% commonly - 2.0%.

2. The enzyme preparation

Enzyme preparation main function is to supplement animal digestive enzyme secretion and function. Enzyme addition can increase the enzyme concentration in the digestive tract, improve the digestibility of the diet, reduce the excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus. ZhangShouMin ~ (19 September 8), such as use of flavouring agent can improve the gastrointestinal immune system for short-term allergic tolerance after weaning diet antigen, increase feed intake, daily gain and the decrease of the rate of diarrhea piglets, thus reduce the excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus.

3. The oligosaccharide

Oligosaccharides have low thermal stability, security, non-toxic, good physical and chemical properties. At present there are fruit of oligosaccharides is commonly used in feed oligosaccharides, such as mannose oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharides can promote the growth of intestinal beneficial bacteria, direct adsorption of pathogenic bacteria, enhancing immunity, improving animal health etc. Fruit oligosaccharide can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients, improve daily gain, reducing harmful discharge.

4. Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine can promote appetite, increase resistance, to prevention and cure diseases, etc. With 1.2% Chinese herbal medicine additive feeding piglets, can significantly improve daily gain, reduce RouLiao ratio, reduce diarrhea rate, improve the growth performance of weaned piglets, promoting digestion and absorption of nutrients, reduce the excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus.

5. Small peptides

The small peptide can promote the absorption and utilization of mineral elements, some small peptides have combined with the characteristics of the metal, can promote calcium, iron, copper and other passive transport and storage in the body. Casein peptide phosphate (CPPs) is a typical representative. A large number of studies confirm that casein hydrolysate contains can combine with a2 + and Fe2 + C phosphorylation of serine residue, thus improve the solubility of a2 +, Fe2 + C promote calcium, iron absorption. C P P s also can be used as other ore material elements (copper, zinc, selenium) carrier, promote their absorption, reduce the excretion of heavy metals.

6. Probiotics

Probiotics probiotics helps the body grow, antagonism pathogenic bacteria breeding, promote feed digestion and absorption, to provide nutrition, reduce the excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus; Enhance immune function, improve the body, the ecological environment. ) Adding 0.25% and 0.5% in the piglet diet probiotics, whole period average daily gain, diarrhea rate were decreased. Strains of probiotics mainly use three classes, lactic acid bacteria, bacillus bacteria and fungi. Which kind of lactic acid bacteria is the most promising forage antibiotic alternatives. But probiotics are not heat resistant, easy to inactivated, the shortcomings of low biological activity, and are part of the lactic acid bacteria have the features of resistance to adverse environment is poor. So the development of high stability of lactic acid bacteria preparation is the development direction of probiotics.

Five, feed quality must conform to the standard

Specified in the feed standard 9 0% of animal feed must come from the green food production base; It is prohibited to use any hormonal, sleeping sedative drugs; Banning the use of any drug feed additives (including d gini toxin, tylosin, bacitracin zinc, spiramycin, kappa oxygen, the resistance to Quito); To ban the use of industrial synthetic oils and genetically modified method of feed raw materials; Banning the use of a variety of synthetic spices, spices and stain; To cohere agent, antioxidant, stabilizers, preservatives and nonprotein nitrogen material are made clear and strict limit Yin. Excessive add copper or zinc when feed preparation, and high copper or zinc on the growth of the pig have a certain role in promoting, but on the one hand, causes a large amount of deposit in ZhuGanZang overdose, thus affect human health with manure to the environment, on the other hand also caused certain pollution to the environment, ultimately affect the health of human beings; Feed in the process of processing and production, transportation, storage, is vulnerable to certain chemicals in the environment pollution, such as the production of feed raw materials plant in the process of growth, the enrichment of heavy metals in soil, and a certain amount of residual pesticide; Animal feed ingredients during processing may be limited by certain chemicals pollution, this kind of material is through the pork, liver and kidney, and other products that enter the body, when accumulated to a certain concentration caused a variety of human diseases. So the quality of the feed must be qualified to ensure that the feed is beneficial to human health and the environment.

Six, environmental protection system of disease prevention and control of pig

Of disease prevention and control principle in case is given priority to, combining prevention, prevention is better than cure. Earnestly implement the state council issued the regulations on the livestock epidemic prevention disease prevention and control measures:

1. Stick to the numerous autotrophic, avoid disease passed;

2. Scientific breeding management, strengthen disease resistance of livestock and poultry;

3. Vaccination, stimulating the specificity of the pig resistance;

4. Drug prevention: adopt the traditional Chinese medicine, biological products, mineral drugs such as harmless drug prevention and control, strictly control the use of antibiotics, hormones and harmful chemicals.

Seven, transportation and slaughtering pigs must have a secure channel

Transportation vehicles and tools, and on the way to pig drinking utensils, feed should be free from contamination, and to the designated slaughterhouses slaughter. After slaughter trunks for quarantine, conform to the standards listed.

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