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Farms mice its prevention methods
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Between farms feed processing workshop, building up stock feed is rich, water sufficient, good environment provides the rodents thrive. Mice will not only eat a lot of food, eating the packaging equipment and buildings, etc., more important is that they can spread disease, swine health hazard, affect the normal production order cultivation. Therefore, to do a good job of rat farms to catch mice to keep food warehouse, it is very important to ensure the normal of aquaculture production.

1 mouse and its prevention and control measures

1.1 the mouse to the harm of pig farms

Because the pig outside food scarcity, most of the mice began to farm. Cause a harm to farms of rats and mice are brown house mice, yellow breast mice, mice, with brown rat has the largest number, accounting for about 60%. They have strong adaptability, fast breeding, wide distribution, etc.

Mice major hazard of pig farms are: (1) steal food feed, bite the feed bag, make the loss of feed. According to statistics, every year to the mouse at least 45 kg to steal to eat the feed, the pollution and depletion of the feed must be at least in more than 10 times. (2) destroy ChangShe facilities, damage ChangShe doors and Windows, tools, clothing, etc. In the platform, the base and drains make hole makes the platform such as subsidence, the drain is blocked. (3) the mouse bite the wire, cable and plastic pipe, light affect the normal operation of electronic devices, or lead to a short circuit or fire. (4) reproductive ability means great harm. A female rat may have five or six children every year, every eight to 10 mice, namely a pair every year to have fifty to seventy mice, rats and mice will be reproductive soon after. (5) mice with a variety of risk originate, can spread diseases such as plague, epidemic hemorrhagic fever and leptospira. These diseases can not only in the house and give up between, between field and field, and even can spread between people and pigs. In view of the dangers of rat on farms, solve the problem of good farms prevent rodents, become the urgent matter.

1.2 measures for the prevention and control of pest

Different seasons, we should take the corresponding prevention measures according to the life of mice. First of all, we from rats living environment change to influence on their survival. Sanitary feed of internal and external environment of workshop, to ensure the workshop material classification piled up, raw materials and finished products are neat; External workshop clean, avoid weeds, and mice can be effectively reduced by concealment. Building wall, ground brick, cement sealing build by laying bricks or stones as far as possible, and reduce the seam across, doors and Windows to joint, in case of bandicoot discrepancy. Second, select the appropriate method was used. At present was used many methods, such as labor, machinery, capture, infrared, radiation sterilization was used, the natural enemy was used, and so on. Advocated by rich feed ingredients, feed workshop manual, mechanical deratization method. Generally, mouse more focused on feed workshop, a surge in the number, in order to effectively eliminate rat, can put in the security of some chronic poison bait rodents, to eliminate harmful rat and the purpose of ensuring the security of the pigs. Chronic drug poison bait can choose enemy rat sodium salt or rat agent. But fake technical on the society at present is more, so attention should be paid to identify when preparation of poison bait. As for acute drug such as zinc phosphide, poison rat phosphorus due to toxic to human and animal, and was used to complete, be careful to use. In addition, the fluorine ethylene phthalein amine, tetramine very toxic drugs, because there is no antidote, countries have already banned, never use. Before dropping poison bait should learn about the activities in mice in farms and the distribution of that poison bait on the full amount, in place, cast poison bait check poison bait was the food situation in two days, and shall timely supplement; In addition, but also pay attention to the monitoring of rat and foreign rat remnants, strive to control rodent populations within allowed losses. The poison is the right time. Before peak rodent reproduction or daily bandicoot before feeding into the workshop on the poison bait. All these reasons caused the difficulty of rodents, especially mice death once in piggery, also may be pigs only eat, lead to adverse consequences. At present, many farms will please professional deratization company do rodents. Rodents will rat density determined first, and then fixed drug delivery.

To correctly choose technical, the good technical quality, attention should be paid to the materials of poison bait to fresh, no mildew to germinate. (2) in accordance with the preparation technology for poison bait preparation procedures. (3) if not used immediately, poison bait to dry in time to save, so as to avoid mildew deterioration. (4) can be made to the relevant scientific research units, to buy safe and efficient poison bait.

To sum up, the farms of rat is a very serious problem, various measures of rat above update using are all have certain effect. But under the condition of the cruel nature, all creatures to fight for survival, more no exception, they will be under the action of natural selection, survival of the fittest, constantly to adapt, after a certain time to adapt, the previous measures will no longer work. So as to better do a good job in rat rotation various measures should be in a certain period of time, and constantly research, update method, so as to get ideal control effect.

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