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Several methods for breeding pig is not correct
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In recent years, rural farmers breeding scale expands unceasingly, but many unscientific approach to the pig brought serious damage to health. So we must guide farmers correcting incorrect rearing methods, scientific feeding pigs.

1. Ignore the genetic factors. Good variety means high production potential. And in practical production, many farmers do not pay attention to the choice of the pig, is given priority to with soil mixed blood of pigs, without considering the relative damage, chronic use 1 ~ 2 head boar breeding sows, for the village to pig breed degraded seriously, piglets increase in the number of genetic diseases. Some farmers from nearby bazaar to buy piglets, genetic and breeding quality condition of piglet dont know much, plus the weighed, transportation, and change the stress factors such as feed to buy back the piglet disease easily, and the resulting loss is very large.

2. The piggery conditions. Many farmers built piggery dont keep out the cold, summer heat, winter some measures that have no brilliant as manure, pathogenic microorganism breeding pigs get sick.

3. The piggery disinfection is not complete. Many farmers in the whole feeding process without any disinfection measures, even some farmers have this awareness, also just a symbolic do do, sterilized completely inadequate. Especially since numerous autotrophic pig farmers, because when the sow farrowing disinfection is not strict, many pig came a few days after giving birth to diarrhea, etc., a high mortality rate.

4. The nutrient supply is not reasonable. Some farmers in order to save money, oneself have what hey what, dont consider the nutritional needs of pig, more not according to the phase feeding compound feed, pig nutrition is not reasonable, physical deterioration, incidence rates.

5. Epidemic prevention concept errors. Some farmers do not pay attention to vaccination, but health production in the hope of drug treatment after the onset of illness. Animals once the onset, or without diagnosed, random drug use; Drug or insufficient dosage, resulting in prolonged, condition, better to make the body resistance; Or a drug overdose, cause pig chronic poisoning; Or a mixture of a variety of drugs, ignore the compatibility taboo, which reduces the efficacy, side effects, even killing pigs.

Some unreasonable farming methods, are likely to bring certain economic losses to the farmers, hope the broad masses of farmers in production must be done in accordance with the scientific breeding methods, and under the guidance of technical personnel, strict epidemic prevention.

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