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Four seasons farm management techniques
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1 the spring management

1.1 the spring seasonal immune

In pigs, on the basis of routine immunization, should do well in the spring seasonal immune, generally according to vaccinate pigs grow day age. For example: piglet immune: 7 and 21 days of age asthma seedlings inoculated twice; 14 and 30 days of age 2 times vaccinate swine fever and blue ear seedlings; Swine fever, blue ear seedlings after 10 ~ 14 d inoculated foot-and-mouth disease. And pig farms have to according to the laws of the local disease, targeted to strengthen some vaccination, as some farm area where spring is the season for infectious gastroenteritis, epidemic diarrhea, should strengthen the corresponding vaccine immunization, mosquitoes before 1 month to je vaccine immunization.

1.2 strengthen the disinfection and isolation

The spring season is a disease, pay attention to disease prevention, reduce the intensity of internal and external personnel and vehicle flow. Appropriate adjustments to disinfection procedures, increase the frequency of disinfection, especially the area of disinfection. Shear zone choose low efficient disinfection disinfectant, 1 ~ 2 times per week, intensity of 1 ~ 2 times/month. Reduce the flow of people. Scale pig farms should be taken to the internal staff focus on vacation and back to isolation, the ground outside the pig car, lorry to jobsite need strict and effective disinfection.

1.3 pay attention to cold warm and ventilated take a breath

Spring is cold heat transition, in order to keep warm in winter, piggery vent such as doors and Windows closed, after a winter, inner poor air quality, temperature, be badly in need of improvement. But the spring temperature is not stable, need according to local climate conditions during the day, moderate open vents, improve the inner environment, reducing load pigs, reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases. Usually at noon is warm, open the Windows and doors for air is relatively appropriate.

2 the summer management

2.1 cooling purposes

Cooling purposes is the key of the management of summer, pigs sweat itself is not developed, poor tolerance to temperature, heat stress is so big to the harm of pigs, easy to cause a stroke, vents open 24 h, high daytime temperatures, conditional can adopt forced ventilation, cooling equipment (e.g., wet curtain cooling), simple cooling is flush housing on a regular basis. In addition, to ensure that adequate drinking water, many pig farms are drinking water fountain freestyle, on examination should be water pipe and faucet is damaged, the damage to timely maintenance, to ensure normal water supply system.

Ensure that sows in lactation drinking water is very important. Under the condition of the thermal environment and limit column, sow the activity decreases, can reduce the water quantity. Less water is one of the consequences of the increase of dry matter of excrement and urine, cause constipation, lead to the sow, metritis, mastitis, no milk syndrome (acs) decreased nursing. Sow if drinking water from the drinking fountains, water 1.5 L/min, if water supply is insufficient, can be in the summer noon will tank filled with water. In actual production, lactation sows in addition to using wet shaking material, after each feeding, feeding groove is filled with water, so as to maximize the sow feed intake and milk production, reduce the sow postpartum weight loss.

According to farm economy condition and the breeding value and also can be installed water cooling system of livestock and poultry, such as wet curtain cooling or air conditioning.

2.2 reduce the herd of swine feeding density, strengthen ventilated

Reasonably reduce the breeding density, is the summer health pig effective measures. This is because the appropriate increase pig living space, will be conducive to reduce the heating effect, more conducive to rest, activities, feeding the pigs. Conservation stage pig density on the basis of autumn winter breeding pig bed head 2 advisable, incubation period should be adjusted according to the weight breeding density. Below 50 kg (1.1 ~ 1.3

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