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Poultry house cleaning knowledge
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Hen house tidy after 2 ~ 3 days to wash the henhouse. When according to after the first flush time, after the first principle, ensure that the washing effect and work efficiency, at the same time can also save costs. Rinse order: ceiling, cage frame, chute, dung plate, air inlet, wall, ground, storage rooms, lounge, preparation, dung, prevent has the developed area is again pollution, corner, guano corner is the key of the flushing, avoid forming "blind Angle"; Rinse wastewater through the tunnel at the back of the discharge outside and clear in time or fermentation process, and prevent the district henhouse environment pollution.

Rinse after finishing, effect to inspect the work, the loading board rooms, cages, dung, guano, equipment of control switch, brake chamber, air outlet and other parts are to check every part (at least five points above), ensure that no residue feed, chicken manure and chicken feathers and other dirt. To flush the unqualified, should immediately organize to flushing and check again, until meet the requirements.

To YinShuiGuan contact with basket, trough, trough, motor, fan and other flushing is less than or not easy to wash and scrub. Into the henhouse personnel must wear clean work clothes and work shoes; Wash with clean water and clean dishcloth; In a timely manner to clean dishcloth; Wash cloth sewage can not discharge or spilled inside the henhouse, emissions to concentrated outside the henhouse.

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