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The benefits of henhouse sand cushion
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Favorite chicken with sand bath, sand bath can not only keep the chicken body cleaning and hygiene, and can make the chicken body strong, very conducive to the growth and development and production. Sand bath sand to selecting fine sand as well. Digestion. Chicken love eating grains of sand, after ChangShe bedding sand, chicken can eat at any time to the need of grains of sand, can promote gastric digestion of the food, improve the utilization rate of feed. Epidemic disease. With sand bedding henhouse field, and can keep the henhouse and the field is dry, keep the air fresh, pad after the sun insolates, can lose many pathogenic bacteria cause energy, thereby reducing the occurrence of disease. Chicken after sand bath can also kill ectoparasite make nutrition sufficient to use on the body and production. Heat dissipation. Chickens have no sweat glands of the body surface, likely to occur when midsummer heat stroke. Henhouse bedding health grains of sand, chicken can chicken by skin contact with sand body heat loss, which can effectively prevent heatstroke. Chicken is the most suitable living environment temperature is 20 ℃ to 25 ℃, keep chickens has good egg production environment temperature is 10 ℃ ~ 24 ℃, chicken egg production is the best environment temperature 13 ℃ ~ 15 ℃. Moisture absorption. Chicken is most sensitive to moisture, if long time at damp environment, the normal growth and development of chicken will be affected, and can make the egg production decline. Absorb water and sand has the role of, so the hen house after sand cushion can keep inner dry and prevent moisture. Layer chicken the most suitable relative humidity is 50% ~ 55%. Humidity under 45% when, inner dust float in the sky, chicken prone to respiratory disease; Humidity higher than 72%, is easy to make feather filth, adhesion, lead to some diseases. Will increase. According to the report, hen house of sand bedding sand is no mat spread egg production increased by 9.6% ~ 12.3%; Caged layer chicken and feeding from 0.2 mm to 0.2 mm in diameter of grains of sand, rate can be increased by 9.2%, egg production increased by 27.3%, utilization rate of feed is also increased by 22.08%.


(1) the use of grains of sand bedding henhouse, should be clean and change in time. Sand, wet and have chicken manure to timely cleared, in the sun insolates, remove dirt such as chicken manure after dried, can use again.

(2) the thickness of the bedding sand, to 3 cm ~ 5 centimeters advisable.

(3) the conditional can be a corner in the hen house or sites in the work of a pool, pool size depends on the number of chickens.

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