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Kind of duck breeding and management
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Pathogenies breeding and breeding duck, is to get more conform to the requirements of the quality of eggs, tell from this point, they are the basic requirement of consistent, so the breeding method also basic similar. Pathogenies, raise production just to get more goods to eat eggs, meet the needs of the consumers in the market. And a kind of duck, it is in order to get high quality can the egg hatches, so the raising of ducks is more demanding, not only should have good mother duck, also keep good drake, can improve the fertilization rate. Here are the main points of the kind of duck breeding:

(a) keep good drake

Improve the egg fertilization rate, drakes role is very big, must be good, makes the body strong, organ in the developed sound, sexually active, good sperm vitality and health. The selected drake to 1 ~ 2 months earlier than ducks, before the mother duck eggs, drake has reached sexual maturity. In young duck phase, male female best based on breeding, adopt the method of is given priority to with grazing, fully wild feed intake, exercise more, more. Sex began to mature but not breeding period drake, as far as possible let the dry land, water activity, less to reduce drake play each other, form a vice. 20 days before breeding, in the female ducks. At this point to more water, less closed feeding, create conditions to induce and prompted the sexually active.

(2) the male female ratio is reasonable

Varieties of hemp duck eggs with type, the male duck breeding performance are good, the male female ratio is larger, fertilization rate remains high. Such as salt duck, early spring temperatures are low, 100 female ducks put 5 male ducks, male female ratio of 1:20. Summer and fall the temperature is high, the 100 female ducks just 3 ~ 4 male ducks, male female ratio in 25 ~ 33.

Fertilization rate is over 90% in the year and found a group of duck fertilization rate is low, to find out why, especially to check drake, found not qualified individuals, to be replaced immediately.

(3) increase nutrition

In addition to the mother duck rate high, give the necessary nutrients, feed more vitamins, green feed, in particular to appropriately increase vitamin E, because vitamin E can improve the fertilization rate of eggs and hatchability, vitamin E content in the diet for 25 mg/kg, not less than 20 milligrams. The proportion of protein feed, also want to slightly higher than usual, several kinds of essential amino acids Bei eggs for curtain ⒌ saddle he he shed? 1 pet. Its beta? Happy? Xi? ___________ system of 3 glue your problems? Tuo osprey coincidence? He registered aggregates Gou poison hsu? Province but fans? See evil arantius?? Around Ru wild amaranth baer Γ? Sunset ZhangGang machinery? Pit phi? . 25% ~ 0.30%. Tryptophan content is higher in the cake class feed, compound protein feed, cake and fish are indispensable.

(4) do well the management work

1. The houses in the bedding must be kept dry, clean, never be defiled, especially egg production, mat grass must dry, can be smooth, clean protein. To open new mother duck, can be or more than one side along the wall mat in the corner of the duck hay into a nest egg, put a few eggs, luring new mother duck eggs. Stadium to open water, and cannot be raised with sewage, to keep the duck body dry clean;

2. Good ventilation must be in house, indoor foul air, less kinds of ducks have to sleep well. Ambient temperature is high, must strengthen ventilated take a breath, but not in sprinkling water on the mainland.

3. Put the duck, early late off duck, increase the outdoor activity time. Ducks mate was conducted on the water, the kind of duck to extend the period of water activity;

4. Collect eggs, dont let the egg be affected with damp be affected with damp, the sun, are polluted with waste, breeder eggs of different date collection, separately stored in a cool place, hatching a batch every five days, not for a long time storage (on hot days should be hatching a batch every 2 ~ 3 days).

The pathogenies of epidemic prevention health care measures

(a) select a well-built, high disease resistance varieties

Should be reliable provenance of no disease YaChang introduce breeder eggs or goose of cheeper duck. Introducing young ducks, to understand the epidemic situation, must clean upon confirmation of popular health ducks in the introduction, and to do a good job of vaccination and insect repellent, after a period of time, really disease-free kind of duck before mixed flocks.

(2) improve management, enhance the ability of resistance

1. Provide the full price feed avoid feeding gone mouldy feed according to the needs of the duck at different stages and different rate, provides the full price of feed, fully meet the needs of the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, in particular, must never neglect, ban forage gone mouldy.

2. To create a comfortable environment condition of the layout and structure of the duck to reasonable, keep a certain distance between duck, in order to reduce the spread of the disease. Duck is well ventilated, suitable temperature, humidity, breeding density cant be too big. Different varieties and different ages of ducks fed separately, implements the "all in all out" system, to autoimmune disease cross infection.

3. Do a good job in environmental sanitation clean up trash around duck and belongings, make the rats and mice without hiding and breeding sites, make all kinds of insects without NieSheng and habitat, thereby reducing the scourge of feed and spread the parasite or pathogenic microorganism, etc. So do a good job in environmental health is an important part of the epidemic prevention out the disease.

YaFen and clean out the dirt should be far away from duck focus stacking, fermentation, killing pathogenic microorganism and parasite eggs, generally by 25 ~ 30 days can be used as fertilizer.

4. On personal health workers in shoes, you want to change hands, foreigners without permission shall not enter the duck, duck shed staff and equipment to be fixed.

5. To prevent the disease into the court banned the unknown origin of poultry into the stadium. This duck is out, cant return to duck.

(3) adhere to the disinfection system, elimination of pathogens

Is the purpose of disinfection kill pathogens, cut off the route of transmission, to prevent the occurrence and spread of disease. This is an important technical measures to ensure the safety and health of ducks. Such as personnel, equipment, vehicles and other medium of daily disinfection. The duck, feeding utensils, hatch room, appliances should be regularly to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection.

(4) timely vaccination, enhance the ability of resistance

According to the reasonable immunity procedure, timely immunization, to increase the specificity of the duck body immunity, effectively prevent the happening of the infectious diseases. All kinds of disease (bacteria) seedlings of preservation and immunization method, must be in strict accordance with the instruction manual.

Immunization program is a complex problem, even if there is a good vaccine (vaccine), if immune program is unreasonable, immune method is undeserved, also will not achieve the desired effect. In making the immunization program, consider two vaccine at the same time, but sufficient attention should be paid to the duck body immune response and can generate enough immunity.

So reasonable immunization program, should by the veterinary staff according to this specific situation, such as scale, way of feeding ducks, production characteristics, the comprehensive level of epidemic prevention and disease threat level into consideration, such as can not copy.

(5) duck farm outbreak extinguish measures

YaChang event of infectious diseases or suspected communicable diseases, should be timely report and epidemic prevention measures.

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