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In the spring of pathogenies breeding management
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Choose good grazing grounds The seedlings in the early spring turned green before, will arrive mother duck ponds, ditch, herding, let its feeding fish and shrimp, loach and aquatic organisms. Once in spring, the green garden can prepare after ploughing up ZaiYang grazing, the cultivation more grass seed, grass roots, earthworms, insects, such as natural feed to feed ducks. ZaiYang rice fields for fertilizers or pesticides, unfavorable for grazing area.

Carefully grazing Early spring temperatures on the low side, appropriate later grazing, earlier return grazing, and to extend the time of grazing on a daily basis. Grazing must pay attention to the water temperature, water and hill to go slow, in case of injury and duck palm. In river network region with grazing, the priest of upstream, the physical strength, capture more food. Should be against the wind in windy weather grazing and appropriate control ducks walking speed, avoid the wind lift duck feather, duck body catch cold catch cold. Mother duck next year because of individual large and slow, dont go after satiety or recumbent, easy to accumulation of fat, the influence of egg production, so want to control, make the activities, in order to increase the workout. Produce pathogenies timid easily frightened, grazing route changes every time should not be too suddenly. Drake libido in egg production peak season is relatively strong, so attention should be paid to the proportion of male female ducks, lest ducks riots, affect the mother duck eggs.

Timely supplement feeding Mother duck egg egg production peak season intensity big, grazing, wander the quantity is big, every day to gather the food defended their annexations and green fodder large volume but low nutrient concentration, general is difficult to meet the nutritional needs of eggs. Therefore, every day should be based on what zi chan duck eggs and feed ducks timely supplement feeding. At low temperatures should also be appropriate supplementary feeding grains such as energy feed, in order to enhance cold-resistance of the mother duck.

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