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Procaine Benzylpenicillin Injection
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The perfect unification of the accepted high effective oil agent penicillin

Vacuum freeze dried crystal raw materials EU standard import adjuvant


1. the ultra low temperature vacuum freeze dried crystal raw material production technology, changed the crystal structure of the raw material characteristics, made of nanoparticles. Technology frontier, advanced technology, to achieve the perfect unity of quick acting.

2. the first in the country to use imported adjuvant, the adjuvant selection of the EU standard GTCCT, stability is very strong, the drug is very easy to absorb, the animal is very exciting.

3. wide antibacterial spectrum, strong antibacterial activity, is not easy to produce drug resistance.

4. slow release, long-term, 1 times a day injection.

5. targeting the role of strong, sick Kang tissue blood concentration.

6. high bioavailability, low consumption, low cost.

7. toxicity is small, low residue, no adverse reactions.

8. ultrasonic dispersion, not flocculation, pumping needle easy.

[indications] are mainly used for gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria, and Spiral, actinomycetes and other infections caused by:

1. cows (cattle, sheep, pigs and other dams mastitis: breast red, swelling, heat, pain, milk thin, light, mixed with floc or pus block, elevated body temperature, body chills, lethargy, loss of appetite and so on.

2. cattle, sheep and pigs postpartum infection: uterine inflammation, endometritis, vaginitis, afterbirth, lochiostasis etc.

3.The infection was caused by sensitive bacteria such as Streptococcus, septicemia, pneumonia, nephritis, swine erysipelas, blackleg disease, malignant edema, actinomycosis, strangles, necrobacillosis, bovine pyelonephritis, Leptospira disease, trauma, infection, trauma, and accompanied by fever, cough, panting, skin redness, cyanosis, bacterial sepsis.

[usage and dosage]

1. intramuscular injection: a quantity, per kilogram of body weight, horses, cattle 2-3 million units (150-200 kg weight with a bottle); pigs, sheep, horse, calf 4-6 million units (80-100 kg weight with a bottle), once a day, mild injection every other day, first with the dose was doubled, severe 24 hours after the injections, general cases, 2 times can cure. Used for closure therapy for breast or inflammation of the abscess of the surrounding area, each of the milk or each abscess site with the product 5-10ml, 24 hours after the injection of a severe.

2. this product for treatment of infected livestock has excellent effect on foot and mouth ulcers, foot rot, canker blister, trauma and trauma. The prevalence of using saline wash after disinfection, directly to the product (shake) a little evenly applied to the affected area.


1. mastitis, endometritis disease: procaine benzylpenicillin injection + gold Crean, mixed intramuscular injection, 1 times a day, used in conjunction 1-2 times.

2. livestock foot and mouth ulcers, foot rot, aphtha vesicular disease: procaine benzylpenicillin injection + Chuangdu king, mixed intramuscular injection, 1 times a day, used in conjunction 1-2 times.

3. systemic infection, sepsis: procaine benzylpenicillin injection + treating all diseases, mixed intramuscular injection, 1 times a day, used in conjunction 1-2 times.

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