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Gold fluorine in combination
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【 main ingredients 】 30% left-handed fluorobenzene nicol, 2%, main sodium oxime, 5% doxycycline hydrochloride, sodium 30% between sp is a pyrimidine, asarone, double chlorine pain, antisense DNA oligonucleotides, st Johns wort element, etc.

【 features 】

1, high concentration compound preparations, curative effect is very high, small dosage, treatment of low cost, clinical trials, efficient and high cure rate.

2, cutting-edge technology, patent technology, experts, scientific combination of multiple drugs, quick efficient long-term effects, number one, and symptoms. Special large-scale farms.

3, gold combination medication, fever high fever, all sorts of bacterial, viral blood parasite of specific mixed infection syndrome.

【 indications 】 mixed infection, fever, high fever, systemic infection, disease and anemia, junduqing syndrome.

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