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Autumn and winter bird flu will come back?
Source:Jixing Pharmaceutical co., LTD    Addtime:2014-03-19 16:43:42    Hits:617

With the arrival of autumn, whether bird flu will come back? How to prevent bird flu outbreak? How should the public safe to eat poultry products? Held recently in Shanghai on "New trends in consumption of poultry products" forum, experts said, the key is to control the bird flu epidemic infection source - live poultry, and recommended the gradual closure of live bird market. However, the reporter learned that, for chilled chickens eating habits, to fully accept people still take some time.

   Prevention and control of influenza clinical experts Professor Lu Hongzhou, said the bird flu virus has occurred in the original body of scientific evidence of live poultry. "Avian flu occurred in the early spring of this year, the source is the root cause of some live birds did not undergo a rigorous testing flu virus remains in the chicken carcass, human consumption after susceptible to the virus." Therefore, he suggested that manage and live bird markets. "Autumn and winter, many people have asked me bird flu will not come back, I said, it depends on our live bird markets have managed to live." He said, strict control or even shut down the live bird markets are international practice.

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